Tuesday, January 25, 2005

SourceForge and Other Stuff

As an undergraduate I had the wonderful oppertunity to work on a really cool project - an educational game for the Gameboy Advance with two other undergraduates. As my parents reminded me recently (while I was working on my applications to PhD programs) that because it was out on SourceForge I could count it as "published" or related work. Nifty.

So why am I telling you this? So easy way to join the "published or related work" crowd see what projects you have worked on that might be useful to someone else. Then get a free account on SourceForge (or another similar community). Also, I figured I throw the link up there so that people can see the game - there are some screen shots posted. People are probably surprised to know I worked on this kind of project. I am surprised I worked on this kind of project. Anyway, that was my free tip for the day.

SourceForge is a great community with some really, really cool projects out there. When you have time, it is run to just look at stuff that is available. There are many free applications out there that can make your life easier and better - you just don't know it yet.

Today's Favorite Quote from Stargate Atlantis:
Carson Beckett M. D.: How come I never make friends like that?
Dr. Rodney McKay: You need to get out more.
Carson Beckett M. D.: We're in another galaxy. How much more out can you get?

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