Monday, January 31, 2005

Monday's Boring Blog (for lack of a better name)

On Sunday, I took a short break from homework to add a few links under my "Favorite" category on the side. I figured it was about time for some changes. I updated my profile a little bit. I have been hunting for a quote I want to use for my February quote - since January is coming to a close. Hard to imagine actually.

This weekend was actually not as cold as it has been around here - it was in the 30s for a change. The weekend also went by quickly - wait I think that was becasue I slept through most of it ;-) One thing I have learned from grad school you almost feel sleep deprived by the end of the week.

Complete side note but at the end of this week's The West Wing episode (King Corn) the song was "Desire" by Ryan Adams - I thought the song usage at the end of the episode was really, really good. This week was an interesting episode. I thought parts of it were pretty funny - especially the fact that Josh and Donna had rooms across from each other. I am interested to see where they keep going with the show.

Today's Favorites
Song: "Desire" by Ryan Adams
Online Comic: Applegeeks: "Are We There Yet?

Quote from the Stargate SG-1:
Daniel Jackson: We have to go in disguise; pretend to be foreigners.
Jack O'Neill: How do we do that?
Daniel Jackson: Well, I speak 23 languages, Jack. Pick one.

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