Monday, January 10, 2005

Return to New and Exciting Adventures

Today was the first day of a new term. It is going to be an exciting term. I am beginning my project and taking two classes (one on software engineering and one on computer architecture). I still am a graduate assistant and working in documentation/web design. Lots of fun going on! Now that I have a year of grad school done, I feel older and more sure of myself then I did a year ago. Which is a nice feeling for a change.

I didn't update my blog over the break. Actually, during the first part of break I didn't do anything computer related. I didn't even check my email for more than a week (the longest time since I started undergraduate). Yikes! I know that is really quiet odd for me.

Well, I better get back to work. I am updating some documents this evening and looking into PhD programs. Not to mention start some homework. Yep, I got homework on the first day of class - but it is not due until next week. However, I am trying to stay ahead as much as possible. (Which will probably only last a week, but I figure it is a good idea). Thanks for stopping by a reading my blog. Hopefully, the next ones will be more exciting.

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