Sunday, January 30, 2005

And on Sunday we work on homework like mad...

Actually, it's not quite that bad, but I do have a bit of homework to finish. Plus, I have a project to be working on and I really need to get stuff done on that. I have a take home exam and have to write summaries on two pair programming articles. Yikes. I have like half of that done! (Fortunately, none of it is due until Wednesday).

If you need a homework break check out this article and hide your ExxonMobil SpeedPass (of course the practical applications are far from being useful). However, I think that several companies will be rethinking their use of RFID transponders over the next few years. I am guessing that over the next few years this will slowly become a hot topic - because the effects will be rather high when someone figured it out a practical method.

Favorite Song of the day: "We Are" by Ana (from the Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack)
Favorite Site of the day: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Favorite Online comic of the day: Piled Higher and Deeper

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Until next time I leave you with my favorite quote for today from the movie Clue:
Wadsworth: I can explain everything...
Cop: You don't have to.
Wadsworth: I don't?
Cop: No, there's nothing illegal about any of this.
Wadsworth: Are you sure?
Cop: Of course, this is America.
Wadsworth: I see...
Cop: It's a free country, don't you know that?
Wadsworth: I didn't know it was THAT free.

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