Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wednesday's Rambles and Rants

Today's Quote: "Who wants to go down the creepy tunnel inside the tomb first?" - Riley Poole
Music to Blog By: Soundtrack to National Treasure by Trevor Rabin

A complete side note but National Treasure was a really good movie - I bought (and watched it) while I was on vacation. The historically aspects of this movie made it quiet interesting. Of course, it isn't a how-to guide or anything. I also highly doubt that there is a treasure map on the backside of the Declaration of Independance - but I don't know that there isn't either. The idea is cool - plus the clues they take from things like a 100 dollar bill make you want to believe that there is a treasure map and a hidden treasure.

To busy to go to the Apple store? Not you can settle your Apple cravings out of a vending machine.

Haven't read enough about Star Wars III yet? Here is an article you might try: "Lucas Talks About Anakin's Good Side". It appears that at the Star Wars III premire in London Lucus stated that he is working on/planning another Indiana Jones movie.

EMC is coming out with Invista. Invista "allows users to retrieve data without knowing exactly where in a storage network the information resides".

Lastest from Google: They are going to make Google Desktop Search for Enterprise. It will "includes administrative tools to ease corporations' security worries" and will be free. Can't get much better than that.

Wow, I was amazed by this headline. Can you imagine downloading TV shows and radio programmes. Sadly, it's just for Windows people.

You can get buy anything on the internet, because there is someone out there selling it. This is just odd. Of course, the bigger question is who would want one?

Internet Browser War Continues: This news is a few days old, but I just wanted to comment - yippee. Not that I have anything against IE or Microsoft...OK maybe a little. Oh just go read the article.

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