Thursday, May 19, 2005

If you can't beat 'um - make a hybrid

"Well, we obviously can't leave you alone with that stapler." - George Wade (Two Weeks Notice)

Hello! Welcome to Thursday blog. I promise no Star Wars stuff (although the movie is out today but that is all I am going to say about it). No, I didn't go see it at 12:01 AM or anything. I am not that geeky - close but not quiet that level. Today there are some very interesting articles in tech news - I have picked out a few I found interesting (and thought you might too).

On the web browser front: Netscape 8 has come out. Why use Netscape 8? It's is what you get when you cross IE and Firefox - or so they say.

It's never nice to gang up on someone, but in business this does apply. IBM and Red Hat have joined up. They are trying to "grab market share from" Solaris (owned by of course Sun).

"Google Jumps on RSS Ads". Why? It allows for Google to have "more flexibility to its advertising programs" which is like 99% of how they make money. Did you know that the online advertising market has grown over the last year? Yep, by about 33%.

Kodak makes new slimmer camera. Their focus audiance for this little device - females. According to Mary-Irene Marek (a marketing manager at Kodak): women are "buying more than half of the electronic items sold in the United States".

Poor Microsoft, they are in court again. Their lawyers must always be busy. This time it appears that someone claims that "a technology that allows computer users to transfer data back and forth between Excel and Access by using a spreadsheet" was being used without premission.

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