Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Stephany Couldn't Think of a Title Blog

Today's Quote: "We can only hope that this is the last footwear to fall." - Thor (Stargate SG-1)
Music to Blog By: Under Rug Swept album by Alanis Morissette
GRE word of Today (in a sentance): Until I have had my first can of Diet Pepsi in the morning I often experience torpor.

IBM, Infineon and Macronix have begun a joint venture. They appear to be interested in studying a new idea phase-changing memory.

It appears that Apple stock jumped up in price yesterday. Why? It looks like Apple has been talking to Intel. As the article admits: "Apple's computers are widely considered first-rate but expensive". Which I totally agree with. Anyway, Apple is interesting in maybe making computers with Intel chips (and hence be cheaper). I personally have mixed feelings about this (which I blogged about earlier this month).

Lost a planet? A new planet has been found in the Milky Way by Tasmanian scientists. This planet they think is 1000 times bigger than Earth. Wow.

Microsoft related news: Microsoft has created MSN Virtual Earth to compete with Googles local search and maps. The war of the search engine appears to still be going strong. If you hadn't heard yet Microsoft has also release a nice little toolkit. Now developers can write applications for Avalon and Indigo which is Longhorn stuff.

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