Friday, May 20, 2005

Dance Like A Chicken...

...Until the cows come home. Science isn't just for "promoting the welfare of un-caressed chickens". But it is things like this that really make me wonder about the world.

Of course, that is not the only odd thing I have seen recently, but you might think is fallacious (GRE word). Are you R2 obsessed? There is an R2 Builders Club. No I am not making this up. Nor am I mendacious (GRE word) when I say there is a site called Vader's First 501st Legion - "world's definitive Imperial costuming organization". OK, I am going to stop now because I am really weirded out.

In a recent turn of events Internet telephone carriers are now required to have 911 emergency calling services - well in the next 120 days that is.

Quantum computing and code break is back in the news. Looks like NIST has made some progress. For information on quantum cryptography see this article.

News on the Google Front: Google will be offering a new service - personalizable home page. In the article there is talk of Google Earth, a "new 3-D mapping technology". Ducky.

It appears that Nintendo's new console (still in development) is called Revolution. It is said that Nintendo is exhibiting a rather taciturn (GRE word) nature about the new gaming console.

By the way, yes I am planning on taking the GRE's again and I am working on the verbal stuff. So don't be surprised if you see a bunch of big words popping into my blog that I would never otherwise use. So it is really vexatious (GRE word) to you the readers of my blog not to mention prosaic (GRE word), but I think you will be able to tough it out - it's not like it will have a deleterious (GRE word) effect on you. and I will become good friends before the summer is over.

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