Monday, March 6, 2006

Thinking Over

"There are two roads to walk down and one road to choose" from Thinking Over by Dana Glover

Vacations hardly ever go as plan. Scratch that. They never go as planned. Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed a wonderful spring break and week off.

However, I had all this stuff I was going to get done. Well, I did get a few of those things on the list done. Unfortunately, there is quiet a few things I didn't get done. Maybe that was some how related to the fact that I sleep through 1/2 of the spring break...

I did buy a lot of stuff for my apartment including a wardrobe. (For those of you not familiar with the term wardrobe think free standing closet). I hate to say it but I needed more room to store clothes. So I was antique shopping with my parents and found this great (and cheap) wardrobe. Anyway, it has become my second favorite piece of funiture I own. (My kitchen table and four matching chairs with black and white porcelain top still wins out as my favorite).

The end result - my apartment looks different. Well, not really, but it feels different.

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