Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Oracle and the Bunny

"Ohh, what's really going to bake your noodle later on is, would you still have broken it if I hadn't said anything?" - Oracle (The Matrix)

Today in algorithm class we discussed the Oracle Turing Machine. Whenever I hear the word Oracle my brain automatically thinks Matrix. Yeah, can't explain that one either so I just don't try.

Sorry about the lack of updates - I just haven't gotten around to it recently. My projects and homework are keeping me busy. There is only a month of school left (for this term).

It is actually starting to look like spring around here. Today the high is 65! (and the sun is trying to come out behind some clouds!) Yesterday it was in the 50s. Really, it has been pretty nice all week.

News you probably don't care about but I am going to tell you anyway:
"Spacecrafts witness a new facet of Earth's magnetic behaviour"

"Carnegie refines WMU's status as research university"

Really, we shouldn't make fun of professors...

"Going With The Flow"

On a complete side note (and I am sure most of you don't care) but I am going to tell you anyway. Each Wednesday's I go ice skating. Anyway, I am slowly starting to do single jumps and some of the basic spins again. Oh and I have been practicing some of the basic footwork stuff. It has been such a nice part of my week. Of course, I am still horribly out of shape - but I am enjoying every minute of the ice skating! It is one of the highlights of my week :)

Have a nice weekend everyone! Hope you weather is as nice as mine!

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