Wednesday, March 22, 2006

See Bunnies Run...

"The clowns? Oh, yeah, the clowns... we fight them too. Entire armies, spilling out of Volkswagens. We do our best to fight them off, but they keep sending 'em in. " - John Sheppard (Stargate Atlantis)

My current favorite song is "Where the Streets Have No Name" by U2. The intro is such a good lead in to the rest of the song. I have two versions - the single and a longer version. Although it is the same lyrics each song version has a totally different feel to it. The longer version has an intro that actually starts off pretty quiet and slowly gets louder. Anyway, excellent song. It is already on my "play over and over" list. I think it is going to make an excellent song to listen to on my car trips between school and home.

New and Links Just Because...
Latest Google product: Google Finance

"Stanford professor hopes to mimic the brain on a chip"

"Microsoft to offer cheap Xbox 360 game development kit?"

"Apple's New Core"

Vista Delayed Again

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