Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday Funny Bunnies

"Good writers borrow from other writers, great writers steal from them outright." - Sam Seaborn (The West Wing)

Again, I really don't have a clue about the bunnies in the title thing. It is possibly due the fact that at this point in the semester I usually start going a little nuts...crazy...insane...a few fries short of a happy meal...

Anyway, lets move on to more important stuff. It is Sunday and that means the TV show The West Wing is on tonight. According to the write-up one of the guest stars for this evenings episode is Jon Bon Jovi.

As for random bits of news:
"The man who could fix Windows"

"World's tallest tower looms in Tokyo"

"Climate Model Predicts Greater Melting, Submerged Cities"

"New data transmission record - 60 DVDs per second"

On a completely unrelated side note I posted my comment about the Omega 13 Bunnies post (the relationship between Ackermanns function and Galexy Quest) if you are at all interested. However, I highly doubt that you are but I figured I would tell you anyway.

Well, my 5 minute breaks over. I have to get back to working on my projects and homework. Oh so much fun. So much fun I almost fell out of my chair. Oh wait that was because I almost fell asleep. Silly me. ;-)

Hope you are having a happy weekend! Thanks for stopping by.

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