Tuesday, March 7, 2006

If only it was that simple....

"Do not pass go. Go directly to PhD." - Dr. Josh Keyes (The Core)

It is my first true day back from spring break. (I did a lot of work yesterday, but I didn't actually have class so I am counting it as spring break time). It is weird to be back into the swing of things. Of course this also means I have two homework assignments and two projects to work on. Keeps it interesting.

Oh and I forgot to mention - I did get back on the horse two weeks ago. I did go skating (and I went by myself). I had an absolutely wonderful time. I am so going tomorrow. I didn't realize how much I missed ice skating until I had the skates on and watched the zamboni.

Now I have seen the ice getting cleaned thousands of times but there was something special about watching it the other day. It brought back memories - many, many memories. Funny thing was when I started competing on a college I skated at that rink. The last competition I skating in college was at that rink. Hence, all of the memories. (The level I competed was almost always went right after the ice cleaning).

Of course, this also reminded that this is my 7th year in college. (At least I have two pieces of paper to show for it!) Well I should quit rambling and move onto more inportant things - like homework!

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