Monday, August 15, 2005

10 Ways to Know...

10 Ways to Know You are Working to Hard on Your Project

1. Any time some asks "How are you?" You give them the status of your project

2. Your "To-Do-After-My-Project-Is-Done" List has more than 10 items on it

3. You have a "To-Do-After-My-Project-Is-Done" List

4. Some piece of computer equipment vital to your project has decided not to work anymore

5. Printing off papers, slides, and collected data has caused you to change the ink cartridge in your printer (possibly more than once)

6. You have started to consider take-out pizza and candy bars as "finer dining"

7. You cut your caffine in-take in half back in May - but you are now back to your original amount

8. You leave to go to lunch with your parents on Sunday you realize it is the first time you have been out of the house in at least 48 hours

9. You consider more than 4.5 hours of sleep a really good night

10. You write a list of "10 Ways to Know You are Working to Hard on Your Project" and think it is funny

Nope, not done with my project yet. Thought of this list on my drive up to BG. Wrote the list waiting to meet with my project advisor. Back to my 10 page (minimum) paper.

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