Saturday, June 4, 2005

Stephany Hates Mulch

I have decided that I either want to live in apartments or condos for the rest of my life. Why? Because I just don't like yard work - actually I hate yard work. I am staying with my parents for a little bit - until I start my class at the end of June. This comes with great advantages: free parking, free food, free laundary, and other free stuff. My parents have decided to put new landscape cloth and mulch down in the flower beds. (Just to mention, 5 years ago when we moved in we paid someone else to do the landscaping because it was a new house and there wasn't any grass).

I never realized how large our flower beds are until we were purchasing the 125 bag of mulch. Several different evenings and weekend days have been used for this and I have been helping a bit with this little project. Those darn bages of mulch are heavy, especially when you are trying to toss them either up into the back of an Explorer Sport Trac or down from the back of it. They weigh a lot, plus it is difficult to get a good grip on them - you know?

So that is when I decided that condo living (or apartment living) is really for me. I don't like doing hard work. Getting someone to do it for you can be expersive. Besides, I have a hard time keeping a couple of orchids, some random green plants, and a cactus alive. Can you imagine trying to keep a whole yard of stuff alive? Yep, condo living is looking really good right now.

So now that I have rambled and ranted about mulch here is what you really came here to read:

It looks like Apple is going to try and beat Microsoft (Thanks Chad for the link). Although I like Apple dearly (and I think they make significantly better products) catching and passing Microsoft is going to hard not to mention expensive. Plus, it is hard to teach old dogs new tricks. Many companies already use Microsoft products and it will be difficult to get people to change. Most find technology difficult enough to use without it changing on them. Of course, I am not opposed to the change :-) Doesn't bother me in the least. Although, this might keep prices down and get some new software out there with Microsoft getting more competition. OK, so I have mixed feelings on the whole thing and now I am starting to ramble so I will just more on.

Microsoft doen't even get a break on holidays. Hackers have gotten "access to passwords of the users on the site" - the MSN Web site in Korea that is.

The Final Frontier News: NASA is planning on putting Phoenix Mars on the launch pad in 2007 (and reach Mars in 2008). They are planning to continue studying Mars for "water and possible signs of life". Ducky.

"Rapid-Scanning Doppler on Wheels Keeps Pace with Twisters" is a very interesting article. This (Doppler on Wheels) allows for better collection of data regarding the tornadoes and therefore people can better study tornadoes.

What happens when people taking reading an advance copy a little to far. Of course, it makes good news.

You can buy anything on the internet including Inspirational Scripture Shoe Inserts or coming soon clothing for your chicken.

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