Saturday, June 18, 2005

More Little Black Rain Clouds

I have decided that rain is going to be a permentant state of Michigan this June. It was sunny a little the other day - but it has rained on and off everyday. Not that I mind - I like watching the rain (yes I am weird). However, the gray sky can get to be a little boring after a while. Of course, it does delay any yard work my parents are thinking about doing so it has it's good points.

I haven't written many blogs as of late. I have been working on my project a lot. Trying to get it moving in the correct directions before June 27th when I start going to actual "school".

I am actually looking forward to the class (yes again, I am weird). Last year another grad student told me that "the honeymoon stage will end soon" when I mentioned how much I was enjoying grad school (over undergraduate) and getting a be grad assistent for the CS department (which mostly involved sitting in the lab all day helping students). Last summer was my second semester so I was still considered the "new kid". What was my response? "I highly doubt that" and went back to working on the assignment for the class. Anyway, I thought I would mention - that I still like it and can't imagine not being a grad student. I like everything about graduate school especially the chance to learn new things and try new things. Anyway, I am getting to the point where I am just rambling so I will move on to something else.

For the history geeks: This is so cool. They have taken DNA from a skeleton believed to belong to one of the founders of Jamestown.

Older news, Microsoft is working in the world of peer-to-peer. Yikes, I didn't see that one coming. The good part about peer-to-peer is the ability to serve millions of users all at the same time and save on computing costs.

Yahoo's new thing - called "deep web". This is a subsciption search that allows you to "access-restricted paid-for content subscription sites". Interesting.

Google is having difficulty on the library front. It appears that "privacy issues are the latest wrinkle in Google's plans to expand the universe of Web-searchable data". (The University of Michigan is one of the libraries they are working with if you are wondering why I am following this).

Well, I think I am going to call that a blog and get back to that project of mine. I have stuff I want to try and get through before Monday. Plus, if I don't finish writting it you would never see it and then it would have been a total waste of my efforts.

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