Sunday, June 19, 2005

"George Washington Slept Here" (and other things)

"Keep accepting more than one idea. It makes them absolutely crazy." - Josh (The West Wing)

Today is "throw-it-out-there-because-you-don't-have-anything-else-to-write-about-day". Yes that's right. Don't you feel privilaged at this moment?

OK, so now that you have finished laughing (which I know was more at me than with me) we will get to why I have decided to write this blog in the first place. If you don't recognize the blog title it is from a movie a really funny movie. There is this great part where Jack Benny falls through the floor and then he does it again later in the movie. If you are familar with The Money Pit, George Washington Slept Here is a simialr idea only black and white and of course Tom Hanks wasn't in it.

Note: This movie contains sterotypes that might not be appropriate for all audiences. I don't agree with these sterotypes and they are not a part of what makes this movie so funny. When watching this movie on AMC or TCM or whatever other channels run older movies like this please keep this warning in mind. (No, I haven't lost my mind and giving the warning seems funny to me because of these Disney special edition DVDs I have been watching. But now I am completely rambling again and I feel I should get back to my point - sorry about that).

Back to the actually blog. George Washington Slept Here is very funny movies from the early 1940s with Jack Benny and Ann Sheridan. Ann Sheridan's character purchases a run down house because she believes that George Washington once slept there. Like all housing projects, repairs cost a great deal more than planned. Plus, there are several problems involving digging a well.

I know what you are think "Gee Stephany that's nice, but what does that have to do with your blog?". My answer: absolutely nothing, except that is the title of todays blog. Now you are beginning to understand the first paragraph more aren't you?

Other stuff I want to point out before I get back to working on my project and hanging out with my family:

A funny article by Dave Barry. It will give you advice on what sock color to wear. Which might be helpful to you, if you have trouble with that sort of thing.

A very interesting movie is coming out (Howl's Moving Castle) - I know one of my blog readers will want to know abou it. SInce I watched Sprited Away (in English and it's original language) with this person - plus all of the special features I am sure you will want to see this one as well. The movie came out on June 17th if you didn't know that already.

Food for thought, presented in a funny sort of way.

Seriously, what is people's fixation with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? Google News has links to 700+ articles relating to there engagement. Mean while, in the real world, congressional Democrats "are insisting that the White House provide more information about what led to the decision to go to war in Iraq" (400+ articles on Google News) and Bush starts campaign to get people to use the Medicare prescription-drug benefits (300+ articles on Google News). I am sure that the whole Cruise and Holmes relationship makes interesting reading, but isn't the other stuff just as important? If we are not informed of the issues how can we be productive and active members of society? Just a thought on my part. Not that I have anything against Hollywood or Cruise or Holmes or anything else.

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