Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Little Black Rain Cloud

Wow. I just realized that I hadn't posted anything for close to a week. Well, I didn't intend to - just been busy. Yes really (and not just shopping). I have been working a lot on my project. I am actually trying to get it pulled together before classes start on June 27th. I have even signned up for the presentation on July 28th (use the drop down menu to get to July). It is weird to actually be getting closer and closer to "done". Actually, it feels wacky.

As a non-Bush supporter I felt the need to link to this article - the title was just too funny. Key quote from article "President Bush repeated that the science is unclear". I can't imagine why I find that so funny, but I do.

After about 2 years NASA may start launching space shuttles again and have begun to move Discovery back onto it's FL launch pad. Speaking of space, it seems that a planet similar to Earch has been located. Ducky.

Well, I should get back to work. I went shopping earlier today because lots of stores are starting to have big summer sales before they start getting in the new stuff for fall. I got two shirts from the Gap for $1.97 each (and I bet you think I am kidding right now, but I am not). Shopping is a lot more fun at that price :-D It fits in my under $5 dollar rule: if you will wear it and it is under $5 buy it - don't think just buy. Oh and possible buy two if it is a "basic" or "classic" piece - like a white dress shirt or a pair of black pants.

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