Thursday, June 2, 2005

The Oddest Blog Topics

Proof why it seems the government never gets anything done: They are busy trying to "give people more choice". While, state senator Gilda Jacobs is at it maybe she can do something about those annoying commercials on the local Detroit channels...

This just made me laugh. OK, so this is not an easy article to write, but I just started laughing at this point "enabling customers to find the sites more easily". However, if they think that people will be able to stay clear of the sites - well those people haven't hear of the little internet trick called redirect. But, people can believe whatever they want.

Like Star Wars? This is for your entertainment so you can "learn the ways of the farm".

Space the Final Frontier: Sprit saw a shooting star, the first one seen by the Mars rovers. The private Spaceflight group has picked a base near Cape Rich in Canada for the launch sight. It will conduct "engine test fires, escape system shakedowns and ultimately the first flights".

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