Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Lack of a Title

"I thought you had to be convicted of a crime before you lived somewhere like this." - Soren (when they enter the dorm room from The Prince and Me)

On Monday (after getting my cable and internet access fixed) I watched The Prince and Me. OK, so I like watching these kinds of movies. Why? Because they are nice background movies and there are some funny parts. I had seen the movie before (so that's why it could watch it while I worked on other things). However, I like the ending the girl doesn't give up her goals for the guy. It's the fairy tale, but with an altered fairy tale ending.

OK, so now that I have tortured you with that lets move on to things you are probably more interested in reading about:

Apple iPod information (and a little about podcast. Looks like they are only going to make color screens from now on. Nifty ain't it.

NASA just doesn't get any breaks does it? It appears that NASA has not "met the full letter of recommendations made by Columbia accident investigators". The NASA Administrator (Michael Griffin) must decided if they are going to launch the space shuttle Discovery next month.

Vitamin C may not prevent the cold. However, during the study they found that "people who take regular vitamin C suffer slightly shorter colds than those who take placebos". So, it appears that taking the vitamin C isn't a total loss, plus there are other benefits of taking vitamin C.

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