Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sticky Water?

"Masquerade...paper faces on parade. Masquerade...hide your face so the world will never find you..." - The Phantom (The Phantom of the Opera)

"Scientists discover water is sticky on a small scale"

Other news 'n stuff:
"Taking Computers to the Quantum Level"

"Microsoft introduces public beta of Windows Live Messenger" (See I point out nice stuff about Microsoft...every once in a while...)

"Dolphins Name Themselves With Whistles, Study Says"

Not much of interest to report. I have had a little bit of time on my hands - which is often common during the first week of classes. So, I have had time to watch a few of movies (because I get a bunch of those movie channels with my cable). Anyway, I am watching The Phantom of the Opera. I hadn't seen the movie version before now which I have to say is an excellent movie.

However, I think I enjoyed going and seeing the musical in person. I will never forget seeing it in Toronto when I was in middle school. The soundtrack is so wonderful - absolutely wonderful. To read more about The Phantom of the Opera musical I suggest this link.

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