Saturday, February 4, 2006


"I learned something a long time ago: never laugh at what you don't know." - MacGyver

MacGyver returns: See new comercial here and behind the making of the commercial stuff. (Now I won't need to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday just to see the commercial!)

It is Saturday. Good ol' Saturday. The day in between Friday and Sunday. When I can work on stuff and not feel behind yet since I still have Sunday. Of course, the snow has started to come down. Rumors are 5-8 inches and a cold week to follow. Yuck.

Snow is one of those funny things. It looks pretty until you have to go out and drive in it. Which isn't bad until you hit an icey patch because it was raining all morning. So not only do we have snow, but we have ice under snow. This is also when you realize your little sporty convertable with rear wheel drive isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Moving on...

Doesn't this ("Nano World: Carbon nanotube capacitors") just sound cool?

It's the plot to a bad sci-fi film

Hmmm...maybe I should take that .Net programming class...

Eat your heart out people (who have told me that PCs that ran Windows were better because more businesses used them) - times are changing!

I recently finished reading "She Went All the Way" by Meg Cabot. It isn't that long of a book - but when you read it only a chapter at a time it can take a while.

I have also been reading "The Cat Who..." series by Lilian Jackson Braun. More about Lilian Jackson Braun and her book series - where you can learn interesting facts like: for 29 years she was the editor of “Good Living” a part of The Detroit Free Press or as it is know up here (and by it's email address) The Freep. They are excellent books for any mystery lover. The main characters are Quill (the newspaper writer turned millionaire several books into the series), Koko (the extremely intelligent mystery solving cat), and YumYum (another intelligent cat).

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