Saturday, February 18, 2006

Blog #389

"And? But? So? Therefore?" - Jack O'Neill (Stargate SG-1)

Yep, this is my 389th blog. I ramble a lot don't I? (Maybe I don't really want anyone to answer that).

This is going to one very short blog because I have 2 homeworks and 2 exams coming up this week. As a study break two graduate students and I are going to go ice skating on Wednesday. I am very excited. It has been - well to long since I stopped skating. I have been wanting to go and ice skate for fun. I keep putting it off. Not anymore. To most people this won't make that much sense, but best way I can explain it to anyone else is with the common phase "getting back on the horse".

Otherwise, I am not going to have any fun until Thursday. Everything is happening Thursday morning. So I blogs will be few and short. Which works out because currently I don't have anything interesting to blog. Well, I can do more rambling but that isn't very interesting.

My current song obsession is the Five For Fighting song 100 Years. (It is that song featured in a Chase credit card commercial). The first time I saw the commercial I figured out that it had to be Five For Fighting but I had to use the all-powerful Google to figure out which Five For Fighting song it was. iTunes happly had the song so I could download it and begin listening to it over and over again. As I said - current song obsession. Between it and Better Days (which I won't even mention the play count on that one) I haven't listened to much else.

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