Thursday, January 18, 2007

Obsession Week

"You are the best of us, Miss Montenegro. You discern humanity in the wreck of a ruined human body. You give victims back their faces. Their identities. You remind us all of why we're here in the first place - because we treasure human life." - Dr. Daniel Goodman (Bones)

Song obsessions of the moment:
I have noticed that because I really don't have anything to talk about I have been making a lot of lists recently. Sorry about that - but here is the last one (I wait I don't promise...It's my blog, I don't have to promise anything).

My Current TV Show watch (obsession) List:
  • Psych: Funny show. I mean how could it not be? There is a guy playing a psychic for the police with his friend/partner solving police cases. See, how could that not be good?
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Very good 'show-in-a-show'. Great dialog and walk'n-talks. If you aren't watching this show on Monday nights you are seriously missing out.
  • Bones: Wednesday nights - be there or miss out. In the last episode the show took a dramatic turn. Surprises left and right. Can't tell you or I would ruin the whole thing. Summary: Excellent show!
  • A Nero Wolfe Mystery: This series aired on A&E a couple years back. I got the 2nd season DVDs. If you are a fan of the books, you will not be disappointed. The show had the right combination of seriousness and silly. The show was also done with a repertory cast which was entertaining in itself.
Well thanks for stopping by. Hopefully, I will actually start having real topics to talk about. Or atleast as close as I ever get to real topics anyway...

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