Monday, December 6, 2004

History is Repeating Itself Isn't It?

Back when I was in high school (which seems like so many years ago) we discussed history repeating itself. Of course, we also talked about hind sight being 20-20 ;-) I also thought people simple forgot. Then I saw this article! (Thanks to Google News). Is this just a little hard to swallow? Not that it will change the results but darn that is close. One darn state and 118, 775 votes. Unbelievable. Is it just me or is there possibly a flaw with the way all this works? I can figure out if it is a flaw or just a lack of data points.

Yikes, as I read back over that I realize that I sound like I have been taking school to serious recently. Way to seriously. Ok, anyway. I figured I had to blog this article. It was an article that screamed "BLOG ME". Of course, it really wasn't screaming because most internet sites don't scream...

Ok, I am going to end this rather crazy blog here. Because who knows what I will write if I keep going. It is already not making a whole lots of sense. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! Until next time.

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