Saturday, December 4, 2004

An Article Every Blogger Should Read...

This article is a most read for all the bloggers out there. Why? Because it is important to understand the current nature of things in the internet world.

What did is article do to me? I laughed and smirk as I write this. Microsoft has done it again. Not some of their better publicitiy (unless you are a huge fan of family values). I am sure the leaders of the "family values" movement are excited.

In one since I feel bad for Microsoft. As a leading computer software company their mistakes are national and lead line news. Many other companies have tried censorship and 100% of the time it does not work correctly. I compair censorship to auto formating features of software like Office or in IDE's for programmers. A lot of times it is really helpful it changes my 'teh' to 'the' and automatically spaces correct. However, there is the fact that Word has a really hard time letting me write this blog. It would keep trying to change my 'teh' and I would have to undo it. It is one of those things were you have to weigh your options. As artifical intelligence becomes a more up and coming area (again) then this kind of stuff will get better and smoother.

For now, hold on to your hats it is a bumpy ride out in Internet land.

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