Friday, December 10, 2004

Cannot Live On Pizza Alone (although I tried)

Today is the first day this week that I am not eating pizza for a meal. The past two days can be summed up as eating pizza, eating cookies/candy, drinking diet pepsi, and working with html. Recently, I have been working on html more than usual - both my job and a school project. I haven't done this much html stuff since I was took at technical communication class as an undergraduate in web design! Don't get me wrong - I love web design. Of course the best part is knowing how to write html code so when the program is not doing what you want you can just edit it directly.

Although, I currently don't have a particular topic for my blog. I have been too busy to come up with anything. I briefly looking at Google News yesterday morning, but that is about all the fun "web surfing" I have been doing. All the school stuff will be done next week and I look forward to the break. Which if I am looking at my calander correctly is like 3 weeks long! Yippee! Three weeks of relaxing (and a lot of sleeping in and not doing anything school related).

As you can guess I am looking forward to it. I have one in-class exam on Monday and two take home exams Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. Then I have to work a couple hours and I then I can go home and enjoy the holidays. This is one of my favorite seasons of the year because it involves shopping - lots of shopping. Pre-holiday sales and tons of after-holiday sales. I also wait in excitment because next semester I start my master's project. Of course I don't know what that project is yet (details, details, details). Getting to this point is the really cool part. It is the point where you know you are going to make it and can handle grad school (i.e., the size of your ego increases by about 50%).

When I started college I realized how much better is was than high school. Now that I am in grad school I realize how much better it is than undergrad. For some odd reason I actually like going to grad school. I like the fact that I am insanely busy and think I have lost my mind completely by the end of the week. I like to learn new and cool stuff. There are still things I want to learn, there are still things I need to accomplish before I can be satisfied.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I think this one is really the oddest one I have written so far. I can follow the logic of my thoughts, but I am not sure most other people will be able to. Anyway, thanks for reading.

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