Saturday, November 27, 2004

Wow, a newspaper article on games I agree with

Finally, an article that doesn't put video games down. The article points out that the gaming industy is doing what it is suppose to and is putting the ratings on games. I agree with the article - parents should pay attention to what their children are playing. Also, that the gaming industry shouldn't stop making violent games. It also pointed out that the average video gamer's age is 24 who can purchase the game themselves.

Although I don't play a lot of viiolent video games I do like Halo and Return of the King. I am surprised sometimes at the high rating. OK, so back in the early 90's when games were in there earlier stages the realism was not the same as today. However, as another geek explained to me "so where is the enter key on the gun?" In responce to past about video game violence and how it teaching kids how to use guns.

So where was I? Right, this article is a must read. It is actually on the side of gamers and the game industry! The St. Paul Pioneer Press should get a big pat on the back for their wonderful article.

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