Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Quotes from Mona Lisa Smile

Here are two great quotes from the movie Mona Lisa Smile:

Betty Warren: [in Betty's last editorial] Not all who wander are aimless. Especially not those who seek truth beyond tradition beyond definition beyond the image.

Charlie Stewart: My parents say my future is right on the horizon.
Connie Baker: Tell them that the horizon is an imaginary line that recedes as you approach it.

I think both quotes are great. The first has a lot of meaning. It is important to see beyond what you see. Really look at the whole picture (and the frame). That is how good chess players win. They look steps beyond the move they are making at the moment. Being very successful is about looking a few steps in front of everyone else and see what others don't see.

The second quote is more funny in nature. If you don't understand the deeper meaning read it again. The future keeps stretching out as we reach for it. Also, as we reach goals there are always more and better goals out there. To be successful you have to continually reach and go forth into the future. We can not back up. People have try, but it does work out for them. Don't live in the past, live in the present.

Hmm...sounds like some current events. There are those who want us to return to the 1950s. I don't. I am not against the clothes - I like the dresses and the purses of the period. I diagree with the views of so called "family values" these people want to enforce. I have what I believe is the best for me. I don't think others should have to follow my ideas and I don't think I should have to change because someone else doesn't agree with mine. Open you mind to the possibilities. The future continues to come. Lets move forward, not back.

With these quotes and thoughts, I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! It began to snow in Michigan recently - yikes snow already? It wasn't much snow, just a bunch of little flakes that melt right away, but still.

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