Monday, November 8, 2004

November 9th - Lots of new stuff comes out

As a really good friend of mind would remind me Halo 2 (the soon to be greatest video game of all time after Halo and Return of the King) is coming out tomorrow (Tuesday). I am sure that geeks around the world will be up late on Tuesday playing their pre-ordered Halo 2 and writing reviews on their websites.

Mary Higgins Clack and her daughter Carol Higgins Clark book "The Christmas Thief : A Novel" is coming to bookstores tomorrow as well. Both are excellent authors and the Christmas stories are some of my favorite. The pairing of characters from each author into one book is excellent.

The movie: "The Stepford Wives" is also coming out tomorrow. I was never able to see it - yet. The movie looks interesting and the cast is amazing (Bette Midle, Nicole Kidman, Glenn Close, and many others).

"Gone with the Wind" 4-DVD set is coming out on Tuesday as well. This movie is very amazing to watch. Especially, if you think about the fact that they didn't have the graphics and technology that we have today. Watch the part with all the injured soldiers in the field. Many of the soldiers laying there are not real. Some of the actors had strings to move the arms and legs of other fake soldiers. Yet, the scene is realistic looking. Now we would just used computer graphics - but it is interesting to look at some of the old tricks.

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