Saturday, November 6, 2004

Largest Voter Turnout!

The world has been a mixed up place this week (in my opinion at least). Any year that there is a Presidential elections makes for an interesting week. First there is all the buzz leading up to the election. After the election there is the buzz of "who is it going to be?". Currently, we are on the analysis stage while the news media waits for the final figures to be announced. And unless you have been living under a rock, you know that the projected winner is Bush. However, this is not the main focus of this blog entry.

As I stated earlier in the week, I was interested in knowing if there had been a change in voter turnout. According to CNN there has been. I am glad to hear that all of the "get out and vote" strategies worked. My particular favorite was the TV commercial were all the young women were stating that "the rest of America was going to take care of it". I also liked the commercials were everyone stood around looking at a piece of trash and commenting on how awful it was. Both commercials made profound statements about why you should vote.

Of course, it is predicted that about 60% of registared voters actually voted - which according to CNN is the highest voter turnout since the late 1960s. Also, according to CNN many people waited in longer lines to vote that previously - a surprise to many people. I think it is great that more people were out voting this year. Many wars and battles have occured since the beginning of the United States of America to give us a say in government. Wouldn't it seem like a huge waste now not to vote? Well, that is my opinion on the matter.

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