Saturday, February 9, 2008

Weekend Fun-ness

"Think of the safety. Think of the sense of well-being. And, at last, your family can be protected from the heartbreak of gorilla invasion." - Dr. Bunsen Honeydrew (Muppet Show)

Is fun-ness even a word? Probably not, but whatever. That has never stopped me before...

The other day I saw this comic on PhD comics. Funny I happen to be grading that day too. I can so relate to that comic :-) Although, it didn't take me nearly that long. But I have to be carefully that I don't do that to the later papers. It is more frustrating to grade the end one, especially if people keep making the same errors over and over and over again. Oh the joys of grading. (Actually, I like grading most of the time. Seriously, I must have issues or something).

Weather is going to get crazy again and cold. Tomorrow we are going to have single digits and very cold wind chills. Yikes. Oh and there is going to be more snow (2-4 inches). Just what we need, even more snow.

Well, I should be getting back to work. Lots of research to do. I have a paper to read. Then I have to figure out a way to apply weighted mean to my problem while maintaining certain properties. However, I will spare you the details - else your eyes may glaze over ;-) I know I find it interesting, but I am guessing that everyone else only finds it minorally interesting.

Thanks for stopping by and reading! Keep warm :-)

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