Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Funny Times

"So, what, nobody argues with the landlord?" - Fanny Brice (Funny Girl)

As I stated before I am going through this weird "older movie" phase. Plus, TCM has been running 31 days of the Oscar. Anyway, I was surfing channels and caught the end of Funny Girl. So recently I have watched Funny Lady and Hello Dolly. Yep, all Barbra Streisand films. I love the music and outfits from all of the films.

If you haven't seen any of these films you really should. Although Funny Girl was considered better than Funny Lady - Funny Lady is quiet good. The part with the disaster show is my favorite part. I have numerous favorite scenes from Funny Girl - including the wedding dress scene from the Ziegfield show and the funny comments made during the song "You Are Woman, I Am Man" by the Fanny character. Hello Dolly is funny all the way through. The iconic scene where Dolly goes to the resturant is one of the best. Especially, the rapid conversation that occurs in the scene following it.

Wow, will you look at that? I wrote a whole blog that had nothing to do with the weather! Hehe. ;-) Thanks for stopping by and reading. I better get back to my reading.

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