Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow, Fraggles, etc

"I was in bed, my pajamas were on, my eyes were closed; what's your guess?" - Red (Fraggle Rock: The Secret Society of Poobahs)

The snow has returned to this side of Michigan. This morning we had a rain/freezing rain mix and now it has changed over to snow. I think we have already gotten an inch or two. Wow! It is icy from the morning rain. It is coming down pretty fast right now. The temperatures are hoovering around freezing - so it is definately not melting! (The local channels around here have cut into regular programming and are doing special weather reports).

I am currently watching season 3 of Fraggle Rock (available via HiT Entertainment). This is the season with the excellent Christmas episode (The Bells of Fraggle Rock ). This episode features the songs "There's a Promise" and "The Festival of the Bells". I remember watching the episode as a kid. Gobo goes looking for the Great Bell of Fraggle Rock and realizes the true meaning of the holidays. I love the part where Sprocket is trying to break the pinata.

Side note: There is a new Disney DxD site for the Muppets. Ducky.

Well, I better go fix some dinner. Something nice and warm I am thinking. Thanks for stopping by and reading! Hope you are having better weather!

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