Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Manic Wednesday

Just got my cable installed in my apartment. Now I surf the web and check email at my apartment. Not being able to do so was starting to become a pain. Next I need to set up my router and I am all set. Of course, I have a router, but I never used it in BG. It wasn't wireless or anything - maybe that was why. Anyway...

Found the following. Maybe you will find it interesting:
"Tiny computers go where no computer has gone before"

Well, I am off to have office hours (i.e., sit around and doing other work). Then I have class this evening. We are working on UML case diagrams (and descriptions) at the moment. Yep, a software engineering course. The assignment (due today) for the class had me a little confussed - I hope I did the right thing...<::sigh::>

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