Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Funny thing happened to me...

Quote from Stargate SG-1:
Jack O'Neill: So what's your impression of Alar?
Teal'c: That he is concealing something.
Jack O'Neill: Like what?
Teal'c: I am unsure - he is concealing it.

On my way to office hours I was driving behind this weird SUV thing. Anyway, they had a "hidden hatch". How do I know they had a "hidden hatch"? Because it stated so - in three places. Now wouldn't you think if you wanted a "hidden hatch" for your car you would want it like I don't know - hidden?

This was on my mind my whole drive to school (which is like 5 minutes tops so I didn't think about it that long). Then I got this great idea to write about it in my blog. Why? I have no idea. I am guessing you really don't even care. (But that doesn't stop me from telling you about it did it? hehe).

So I am hanging out at my office hours. No one has come to see me. I have working on review problems/questions for my class (CS 1060 - Intro VB programming) for next Tuesday. I had finished the review sheet for my students on Monday. So, anyway, I was making up these problems and qustions for the review and yikes. I remembered when I took intro programming and thought these problems were difficult. It was an odd realization - but in a cool way.

Anyway, I better get back to my actual "work". Hope you are all well and having fun.

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