Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cost Cutting

A friend of mine Ken posted a link about Georgia schools having 2 days less days in order to save gas.

This struck me as pretty funny? Why do you ask? Because on Tuesday Western Michigan altered their schedule by 1 week. It is stated that: "with recent national events expected to lead to substantial increases in winter energy costs, Western Michigan University's administration and faculty agreed Sept. 26 to implement changes to the 2005-06 academic calendar designed to curtail those increases."

So WMU will start 1 week later, end one week later, and all that. However, they didn't alter the Spring Break week. I have no complaints - an extra week in January means less driving in the snow time. It will also give me longer to catch up on sleep (and shopping). I found it funny that they changed the calender in the middle of the year. Universities are usually so slow to change and then every once in a while they surprise you - like with this whole pushing back the calender by 1 week thing.

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