Saturday, October 7, 2006

UML, Profiles, and Fall Colors

"Best defense is a good offense." - Storm (X-Men III: The Last Stand)

This weekends homework involved UML (both class diagrams and object diagrams). Of course, these aren't your normal diagrams. We are actually using a concept called Profiles to extend the metamodel (of UML). The metamodel of UML is kind of a like a class diagram of class diagrams.

I know it sounds like so much fun, I bet you are jealous! (OK, so I can't probably say that with a straight face to anyone...)

It is the weekend! I am starting to catch up on all that great sleep I have been missing out on this week. It is a great Michigan fall weekend. It isn't too cold yet, but the trees are a brilliant shade of orange, red, and yellow. I have started to hunt out my long sleeve shirts and light-weight sweaters for a few of the crisper mornings.

I actually got to do a little shopping today. And I truely mean a little. Chocolate is a very "in" color this year. Not that I have anything against it. (And many of you know just how much I like chocolate). I find it surprising how much I like brown shades. I kind of considered myself a huge fan of black, but brown is a nice change. Of course, black is definately a "basic" and "classic" but I am thinking that many brown pieces could be considered very close to "classics".

Well, I better get back to homework. I still have a midterm to write!

Happy Fall everyone! Hope you enjoy the wonderful colors :-)

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