Tuesday, September 5, 2006

School Starts Again

"My strange and bizzare mystery has just gone stranger and bizarerer" - Red (Fraggle Rock)

Hello! It is my first day back at school. I am back teaching the same material. Which is pretty cool. It is a lot about looking at all the material I have developed and updating (or in a few cases making some minor changes). I already have the first couple of lectures and assignments done.

I hate to admit it - but I actually haven't been reading the geek news. A shock, I know. I had taking most of August and part of July off. (As explained in earlier posts). Therefore, I wasn't on my computer very much. But not to worry when I went out of town for a couple of days the computer did come with me. I haven't completely lost my geeky-ness.

I was sad to see Stargate SG-1 did not get renewed for another season. At least there will still be Atlantis. The number of TV shows I watch is shrinking fast. And to show just how much of a weirdo I am I decided to tell you which shows those are.

Drive Thru History - It's a good show about history, honest. Although at times it gets a little bit "how does this relate to stuff out of the Bible" it is really interesting. The host is very amusing. This is not you average boring old history show.

$40 a day with Rachael Ray - there is travel, there is food, what's not to like?

I Want That Tech Toys - although I often have seen the stuff already I will run this show in the background will doing other things.

House Hunters - I like to try and guess which house they are going to buy. Again another great background show.

Go ahead - you can say it: "Stephany has weird tastes". Anyway, those are a couple of the shows I have been watching. Otherwise, it is stuff on DVD and old movies. I have a current obsession with old movies. Well, I better get going. Lots to do these first few days.

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