Wednesday, September 20, 2006


"I am profoundly and irreversibly screwed up." - Maggie Carpenter (Runaway Bride)

My blog title has a double meaning today. First off it is apple season here in Michigan. For those of you from Michigan you know that this when as a grade schooler you went to an apple orchard, picked an apple, and got a very little cup of cider (which was probably a good thing because you hate apple cider or maybe that was only me). No seriously, in my younger years I have been apple picking several times. It was fun - honest.

Apple season also means some of the best cinnamon donuts ever. They are fresh and they smell delightful. This of course could be a bad thing if you are trying to overall eat less calories so that you don't continue to gain weight since as a grad student you spend most of your time sitting. I wonder how many calories you burn typing? Anyway, back to the subject apples.

The second topic envolving apples is Apple's iTunes 7. I updated my version yesterday during my office hours. The new feature of Cover Flow is pretty ducky. Not that I couldn't listen to music perfectly well without it, but it is just a nice little fun thing to play with when you are completely bored during your office hours or something. Not that I am all that bored since I am so busy studying and stuff. ;-)

I have a new favorite song "I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker" by Sandi Thom. It is a really fun song that almost makes me want to sing along with it. (I say almost because I can't sing and hence don't ... unless no one is around or that kind of thing. I always wished I could sing but it is a simple fact that I can't. But that is a hold different topic for a different day).

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