Saturday, January 7, 2006

Happy New Year!

"My hope still is to leave the world a bit better than when I got here." - Jim Henson

Sorry for the lack of entries. I have been trying to avoid using my computer for long periods of time actually. At the end of last semester I was spending so many hours in front of the computer that I decided to just check my email a couple times a week. I know you are all very surprised...

Right before Christmas I was at Disney World (laugh all you want). It was tons of fun. So as I promised in my blog from way back in mid-December I will tell you a little bit about that. We flew on a no-frills airline, but spend extra to me in front of the plane. It isn't really first-class because they have some wacky name for it. However, this does mean you get a snack and everyone else does. Plus you get all the fizzy drinks and coffee you want. Yes, I am now calling soda/pop fizzy drinks but that is a weird story I will get to later. Because of the time that we were going most school-aged children were still in school - this fact is important to keep in mind or everything else events that follows won't make sense. (OK, so I was trying to channel a little Charles Dickens there but I can't quiet remember exactly how The Christmas Carol begins - anyway moving on...)

OK, so here is the really thing. There were tons of people with small children at Disney this time of year. Not that I am complaining that much because most of this kids are too small to go on many of the roller coasters. So I went on Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain more times that I can count. On some nights there were special evening hours for Disney Resort guests which was great because lines for many rides were really short. Also having been there many times we were basically going and doing the rides/attractions we like and really not worrying about seeing everything because we already have.

I could probably write pages on my trip - but don't worry I won't because that would be highly boring. I will just give you a short list of my favorite rides:

1. Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster (MGM):
Basic summary: think Space Mountain but you go upside down twice and really loud (but good) music
Cool part: it's in the dark so you can't see what is coming ahead until it is basically happening

2. Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom):
Basic summary: a roller coaster in the dark from the 70's
Cool part: it was the first roller coaster I ever went on

3. Tower of Terror (MGM):
Basic summary: continuing to prove Newton's theory of gravity to be correct
Cool part: you now drop 4 times

4. Test Track (Epcot)
Basic summary: think Michigan driver but smoother roads
Cool part: if you ride at night you get a really nifty view of Epcot, but don't blink or you might miss it

5. Dinosaurs (Animal Kingdom)
Basic summary: you are in a jeep, it is dark, and a scientist is in control
Cool part: the dinosaurs are really well done they seem so "real"

6. The People Movers of Tomorrowland (Magic Kingdom)
Basic summary: sit back, relax, and see the inside of Space Mountain and other rides
Cool part: you get a wonderful view of Tomorrowland and there is never a line

7. Ellen's Energy Adventure (Epcot)
Basic summary: Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye - can you think of a funnier team?
Cool part: this ride is never busy because it can take so many people at a time

There are many other rides I could talk about but I need to work on a syllabus and some assignments for the class I am teaching. Teaching the same thing again this semester as in the fall and I am really excited! I love teaching.

Anyway, a summary of how I have been keeping busy otherwise during the break:
1. Cleaning/picking up/dustying my bedroom at my parents house so I can actually get to my stuff
2. Shopping
3. More shopping
4. And even more shopping

Now that school is starting back up I will start posting on a more regular basis. Hope everyone had a fun, happy, and safe holiday.

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