Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wednesday Crispness Brings Fall

"Another day, a whole 'nother set of fresh possibilities . . . I'm a sucker for mornings." - MacGyver

The evenings are getting darker and colder. Cold in a good way. During the day it is in the 70s, but there is a good amount of wind. You can feel fall in the area. Halloween approaches and stores start selling Christmas decorations. Yep, right next to the Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff. It is a little weird when you are at the store. One section of orange and black, another of fall colors, and then several of red and green. Looks like gold is a big accent color this year. Personally, I like silver. It makes me think of snow. Yeah, I have no idea why silver makes me think of snow - but it does.

Anyway, here are some links you might find interesting (and then again maybe you won't):
"Free American broadband!"

Felt I had to post a link: "Professor says today's vampires are more about style than gore"

What is one step past crazy? ("How Katie put the science back into songwriting") - this is a joke - right?

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