Wednesday, October 5, 2005

"High" by James Blunt

"Sometimes it's hard to believe you remember me." - Lyrics from High by James Blunt

This week iTunes is offering High by James Blunt (warning the splash page has music) as a free download. Anyway, the song has been added to my list of songs I will listen to repeatively. (In other words, go download it - I highly recommend it). It's not your everyday song sound. OK, so maybe that explaination really didn't make much sense to you, but it made perfect sense to me.

Listen to the song and form your own opinion of it. Isn't that the cool part about music? You could quiz a dozen people what they thought of a song and you would probably get many different responses. Music seems to mean a totally different thing to different people. One little piece of music can have so much meaning. It simply boggles the mind - well my mind that is.

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