Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trying a Little Yoga

(Or "Trying not to fall over on my computer")

I was standing at the checkout of a grocery store (the third one in a single day - don't ask).  Anyway, a magazine caught my eye, it was all about Yoga.  I have done some pilates in the past (key word here is past) and I had thought of taking it back up.  I also wanted to introduce a few changes and thought some basic yoga might be interesting.  I especially like the stretching portion of yoga.  So to end a long story, I bought the magazine.

I got out my mat (read: dusted off my mat after spending 10 minutes hunting for it) and opened the magazine to an article with some basic positions and stretching.  What did I learn?  It is nearly impossible to read the magazine and try to do the position at the same time without falling over.  If I wasn't falling over, I ended up partway and then couldn't see the magazine.

Of course, this is nothing wrong the magazine.  I highly enjoyed reading the articles!  So, I decided to dust off some episodes of beginners yoga I got off of iTunes first.  The instructors talk you through the activity so reading is no longer an issue.

Of course there was still one little tiny problem, when balancing do not look down at the computer screen with episode running.  Do not ask me how I know, just trust me.

P.S.  The computer is fine.
P.S.S I love that the iTunes tv shows include exercise videos.  This way I can take it with me via my iPod.

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