Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fun Filled Times: Research and Knitting

I spend most of my days working on my research.  A little programming, but the majority of my current time is spent reading and writing.  A lot is reading search results and picking out what I am actually wanting.  (Initials of one of my topics is similar to a major company making for some interesting searching).

In the evenings, my break is watching tv and knitting.  Warehouse 13, Psych, and Leverage are currently my knitting background.  I am currently knitting presents for others and trying to decide my next project.  Yes, I will finish those socks, but that is my "to-go" project so I am saving it.  Anyway, next project possibilities:  A monkey, a sleeveless sweater, hat/scarf set, or a lacy wrap/scarf.  I have recently purchased yarn for all of these.  OK, I slightly lie.  I have yarn for multiple hat/scarf sets and lacy scarfs.  Of course, once I narrow down the project, then I have to narrow down yarn choices.  Choices, choices, choices!  Which project should I pick next?

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