Thursday, April 5, 2007

Old Made New Again...

Back when I was trying to finish my master's project I wrote a blog entitled: 10 Ways to Know You are Working to Hard on Your Project. Since it was funny then I decided to write another list which I have high hopes of being equally as humorous. If it isn't - forgive me.

15 Ways to Know You are a Grad Student:

1. You are really tired of people asking you "how many more years are you going to in school?!?"

2. Anything cool you hear abou you put on your "To-Do-After-I-Finish-Grad-School" List (and it now has more than 10 items on it).

3. You actually have a "To-Do-After-I-Finish-Grad-School" List

4. You own more than 4 shirts with the name of a college you have attended

5. You start looking like the horrible picture on your student ID

6. Eating health is a goal. But the pizza at the university cafe looks soooo good...

7. By your diet plan, caffine must be a food group

8. You get in arguements with other graduate students that very few other people could understand or follow

9. In a given day only having one presentation or homework assignment to work on (but due tomorrow) is considered a "light day"

10. You have friends that tell you about their lives and you realize how different yours really is (and then you realize that you don't really have a life, but you pretend you do)

11. You make horrible jokes that relate to your field of study.

12. When discussing your summar plans you include research

13. The kitchen in your apartment hardly gets used except for the storage of take-out food bags

14. When reading material to preparing a presentation for a class you are realize you own some of the books on the reference list

15. You understand all the jokes in the Piled Higher and Deeper comic

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