Monday, July 26, 2004

Stephany's Favorite Stuff

I have many favorite foods and favorite resturants.

One of my favorite resturants is
Pizza House. Of course I am sure from the name you can guess that one of my favorite foods is pizza. I am a geek so eating pizza on a regular bases is a requirement. Anyway, Pizza House is located in downtown Ann Arbor. It is one of the biggest things I miss from not going to school in Ann Arbor anymore.

I have three current favorite TV shows Stargate SG-1, Enterprise, and West Wing. I know it is an odd list - two sci-fi shows and one drama. West Wing is a really good show. Some of the issues presented in the show really make you stop and think. I highly respect any show that has that kind of effect on me. Enterprise also presents current events - but in a sci-fi setting. This is a very affective method becuase it lets you walk in the other persons shoes. Stargate SG-1 is a wonderful show that recently started another season. I highly recommend you watch it on Friday nights.

I will continue tomorrow with my favorite stuff list. Thanks for stopping by and reading.