Sunday, July 25, 2004

Quandary Making - Harder than you might think...

I am currently taking a class in which we need to make a quandary. If you ever need to make one I highly recommend this software. It is straight foward and easy to use. Plus, you can get a free trial. It is available in version 2 for windows and version 1 for macs. (Note: mac users things made with version 2 windows are not compatible with the version 1 for macs - I found this out the hard way).

Unfortunatly, the same is not true for the quandary itself. First there was decision-point tree that needed to be made. Then a story line. Each branch in the tree leads down a path and so forth. With 7 decision points this gives you a bunch of paths. To make a long story short - it gets complex fast.

It is a great education experience. I had no idea these things were so complex and difficult to make! I better go find myself a lot of diet pepsi and some chocolate covered peanuts.

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