Saturday, July 31, 2004

Completely Un-Random

It's fun filled Saturday afternoon. What I am doing? I am stuck inside doing large amounts of homework. Yep, thats right. It is even sunny outside (which is unusal for Michigan). OK, so it is not as bad as Seattle, but still - it rains a lot in MI.

Read this really funny thing some one wrote on the Apple Product Cycle. I read about it on which I visit almost everyday. There is often a tidbit of interest information posted there. Speaking of sites I visit often - Google News. Did you know there is a Google Store? I bet those shirts are very popular! The Mars Rover one is pretty nifty.

Here are some of my favorite fun stores to go visit:
Looking for more information on Mac's? Visit the MacWorld site. Lots and lots of interesting articles. Check this one out - Office 2004 for the Mac!

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