Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sciene, can't live without it

In the news:
  • Nobel prize winners Albert Fert and Peter Gruenberg (in Physics) for their contributions regarding smaller hard drives with great space ("Small is beautiful: Incredible shrinking memory drives new IT"). Without these technology advances there would be no iPods or MP3 players!
  • Even Jupiter has seen a climate change! ("Jupiter Caught in Rare, Calm Period") During a recent "fly-by" from The New Horizons spacecraft has changed the way scientists view Jupiter and has helped them gain important informaiton about the planet.

Not much else to share. School is keeping me pretty busy. However, I am trying very hard to remeber to update my blog! Tonight tv shows Bones and Boston Legal are on. Both are excellent shows and I highly recommend them. Well, I better get back to work...

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